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Our Story

The 3 pillars of Rosie’s Gardening 

Aloha ‘

Rosie’s Gardening was created from a place of deep passion and love for the land beneath our feet. We honor and respect Native Hawaiian culture and have committed to embodying Aloha ‘Āina as a way of life. We are a two-woman team originally from the San Francisco Bay Area who left the concrete jungle, longing for a deeper connection to our roots and ancestors through nature. Gardening has been a way for us to give back to the land and the people of Kauai while reconnecting with our truest selves 

Growing Quality Plants  

Rosie’s Gardening uses all-natural farming methods and organic practices to ensure top-quality care of your plants. We only use brands that are OMRI certified and try to use local resources as much as possible. All plants are started from seeds or cuttings while using the Hawaiian moon calendar (Kaulana Mahina) to guide our plantings. Plants are grown in a greenhouse, then hardened off, and are ready to transplant into your garden upon delivery. No leaf goes unturned, no plant left unpruned and all plants are carefully inspected before heading to new homes. Only the best of the best gets passed from our garden to yours.

Building Community  

Community is the foundation upon which Rosie’s Gardening exists. It all began in 2018 when we accidentally started too many tomato seeds to fit in our garden. We started giving the excess plants away to neighbors and friends. Hearing their excitement and positive feedback inspired us to keep expanding and sharing the gift of growing your food. When we take the time to invest in each other, we are truly investing in ourselves and future generations to come.    


Our Story

Aloha, my name is Chloe Rose, founder of Rosie’s Gardening. I named my business after my grandmother Rosemary who was my gardening inspiration growing upSome of my best memories were spent as a child catching lizards and watching deer roam freely in her yard. Jessica and I met in 2006 playing college basketball at the age of 17. We have come a long way since then, experiencing change, hardship, and growth beyond imaginable together. She is my best friend and the best partner in life. Our small ohana of 5 consists of two dogs and a cat whom we love dearly.  

As self-taught gardeners, we have learned most lessons the hard way. Whave lost entire crops, battled diseases and viruses, watched floods rush through our garden beds, and fought off every pest you can think of. We continue to learn and grow with each experience, teaching us patience and forgiveness.  

Looking back on how far we have come in such a short amount of time keeps us inspired and humble. The knowledge we have gained, hardships we have gone through, and meaningful connections we have made, have given us true purpose on this island.

Our mission is simple: to be an active part of Kauai's sustainability movement by teaching, supporting, and encouraging our local community to grow food that heals.

Mahalo nui loa, 
Chloe & Jess