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Inspiring communities to grow food that heals.

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If you take care of the land, the land will take care of you.

I nā mālama ‘oe i ka ‘āina, na ka ‘āina malama iā ‘oe

Rosie’s Gardening is a small backyard nursery on Kauai, here to support the health and wellbeing of our community by providing all-natural, quality plants for all your gardening needs. Caring for gardens heals families, our environment, and our beautiful planet.

          •   Veggie & herb starts
          •   Fruit trees
          •   Flowers 
          •   Ornamentals

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The Art of Growing

Gardening will help bring you closer to your roots.

          •  Brings families together
          •  Eat fresh from your garden
          •  Connect deeper with the land
          •  Support sustainability on Kauai
          •  Practice mindfulness & improve mental health

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Take the Stress Away

STEP 1: We hand mix our potting soil.

STEP 2: We sow seeds by the phases of the moon.

STEP 3: You place an order of your favorite plants through our online nursery.

STEP 4: We deliver plants to your home.

Helping Neighbors Just Like You

Our mission is simple: to be an active part of Kauai's sustainability movement by teaching, supporting, and encouraging our local community to grow food that heals.

Keinan Kawaihalau-Alejo

Home Gardener

Chloe and Jessica’s business truly embodies the spirit of Aloha. They care for their community by providing them with the materials and education needed for their neighbors to care for and live off of the land. Not only providing people with edible vegetables, etc. (food for the body) but also flowers and ornamentals (food for the soul). The time they take to care for these plants until they're ready to be delivered right to our door does not go unnoticed. All of their plants are extremely healthy and WELL worth the price. Every single plant I’ve ordered from them has excelled and produced greatly for my household. My roselle hibiscus in particular has made for lots of amazing conversation starters and drinks for my family. Our community is blessed to have Rosie’s Gardening helping it grow and blossom.

Kawailehua & Ohana

Home Gardener

Mahalo sis Chloe of @rosiesgardnening for sharing and giving her mana'o and aloha of planting and growing. I had first seen her Instagram based on her posts of composting, soiling and seeding, becoming instantly drawn to her passion for nature and gardening. I reached out to her with my interest and she came straight to Waimea Valley bearing gifts of ni'oi, Hawaiian chili pepper, mai'a keiki, a beautiful baby banana, he'i, papaya, and so much more I could give and share with my neighbors, family and friends.  It has been such a joy learning from her and eventually taking on the task of growing a garden of my own for family to enjoy as well. I pray her endeavors become ever exceeding and successful at the root, to a fruitful future and a bountiful harvest. I highly recommend all to follow @rosiesgardening and contact her with all your gardening needs for your ever growing plant life.

Much aloha, Kawailehua & Ohana 


Home Gardener

Aloha, I am writing this as both a review and mahalo to Rosie’s Gardening. It has always been my goal to grow my own garden and have it be able to sustain and nourish not just my ‘ohana, but to produce enough to share with friends and neighbors. 

Rosie’s Gardening has helped me achieve this goal. My experience purchasing starters from them has been pleasant, positive, and plentiful! Their quality starts are not only grown with aloha but are also an affordable and fresh alternative to grocery imported produce! Saving money during this pandemic has meant a lot to a single mom like me. The experience of “growing our own” has also empowered my keiki to take pride in growing and consuming more healthy veggies. We are now on our second round of starts and I couldn’t be more satisfied! I look forward to continuing to learn and grow along with my garden and thank Rosie’s Gardening for providing me the tools and knowledge to do so.

Meke aloha ‘āina,


Home Gardener

Rosie's Gardening is an absolute joy! When Chloe and Jess delivered plants to my doorstep (which is not easy to find), they brought healthy sprouts tailored to my container gardening needs, advice on how to best care for the plants, and even tips on how to keep the cycle going by collecting seeds. These folks helped make it possible for me to spice up my home cooking with fresh ingredients right in my front yard; it doesn't get better than that. I've made air-fried broccoli, collard greens, and summer rolls, not to mention all the chili peppers and herbs that I put into just about every meal these days. So delicious! The purple spinach is my new favorite veggie that is both stunning to look at and yummy to eat. Most of all, Rosie's Gardening is grown from truly kind people, and I am so grateful for the seeds they plant. 

Mahalonui-- keep on growing!


Jane U.

Home Gardener

This year I decided to start a veggie garden, so I called Chloe from Rosie’s Gardening. She came up with the plan for companion planting and drew up a diagram for me to follow. It was a great success! The next round I planted was just getting started when the chickens found my garden beds. Of course, I called Chloe again, and she came up with a great chicken proofing plan and it has worked like a dream! Until the bugs found my garden. Once again, Chloe to the rescue! She completely overhauled my garden, gave me great advice on organic pest control and my winter garden is thriving! I wish I had more room for more plants from Rosie’s Gardening. I think next spring I will be contacting Chloe again for some custom garden beds. When it comes to my veggie garden I always turn to Chloe for advice. She is amazing!

I have been a customer of Rosie’s Gardening since she opened and I am thrilled with the organic veggie and herb starts, the fruit trees I have purchased, the service, the advice and encouragement. Do yourself a favor and visit Rosiesgardening.com for superior service with tons and tons of Aloha!

Madeline Guyett

Home Gardener

A friend hosted pop up shop of local vendors at her home a few years ago. That is where I met Chloe and Jessica selling vegetable and floral plant starts! I was in awe of one of the plants and found myself buying several plants for my lei garden. I kept in touch with Chloe and got to create a birthday lei po`o for her to share my Aloha. She was starting her small business back then and I wanted to support her by adding more plants to my garden. She offered to deliver them and what I got were colorful, healthy flowers that I was able to nurture in my garden and use in my leis. Chloe and Jessica are a great team and I’m grateful to know them as they contribute to healthful lifestyles and practices into our community. Congratulations on rising to the next level of growing Rosie’s Gardening!

Dom & Ryan

Home Gardeners

To know Chloe is to want her growing food for you. Before we met her, we'd buy from her farm stand and the attention to detail she applied to every aspect of what she does was something we often discussed. Some people have a natural gift, a very clear connection with the Earth herself, that tells them from deep within how to feed others. Chloe definitely has this gift, and it has been pure joy to watch her build this platform to share it with the world. 

"When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization." Daniel Webster

Claire Girgis

Home Gardener

Chloe provides the community with beautiful and local plants. All flowers and plants are grown with love and the utmost care! I feel better getting starters from her knowing that she uses the best soil and care to tend to the keikis. Oh and did I mention her services include delivery?? Support local and buy sustainable! Thanks Chloe :)

Quality Over Quantity

Rosie’s Gardening uses all-natural farming methods and organic practices to ensure top-quality care of your plants. We only use brands that are OMRI certified and try to use local resources as much as possible. No leaf goes unturned, no plant left unpruned and all plants are carefully inspected before heading to new homes. Only the best of the best gets passed from our garden to yours.

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Happiness Guaranteed

Our #1 priority at Rosie’s Gardening is your happiness. We stand by our plants 100% and promise to consistently provide the community with healthy, all-natural, quality plants. If we wouldn’t grow it, we won’t sell it. If there is a problem with your order, we will solve it. Please reach out to us; we are here to support you and your gardening needs. Your happiness is guaranteed.

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Rosie’s Recycling Program

Rosie's Gardening uses recycled pots as much as possible by collecting unused pots from around the community, and reusing them to grow your next pants!

          •   Lowers waste
          •   Builds community
          •   Lowers the need to import goods
          •   Supports Kauai’s sustainable future

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Rosie’s Gardening is here to help!

• Having issues with your new plant?
• Wondering about companion planting?
• Want to donate used pots but don’t know how?
• Not sure what plants are right for you and your family?

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