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Flowering Salvia, Victoria Blue
Flowering Salvia, Victoria Blue

Flowering Salvia, Victoria Blue


Salvias are versatile, colorful performers are widely grown in mixed borders, containers, and a perfect addition to your floral garden. They make great cut flowers to add to your bouquet collection and the bees will love stopping in your yard to replenish. These vibrant flowers are long-lasting and will give you a constant pop of color throughout the growing season. They are easy to grow, low maintenance, and relatively pest-free!

This Victoria Blue variety has light, to deep blue flowers that are 5-8” long. This beautiful flower can tolerate the heat, humidity, and poor soils, making it a great fit for beginners or a garden that hasn’t had a lot of preparation. Just find a nice spot, mulch around the base to control the weeds, and watch it take off!

Days to Maturity: 125-130 days

Plant size: 18-24” tall

Plant spacing: 12-18” apart

Sun, soil, and water requirement: Loves full sun to light shade in average, evenly moist, well-drained soils. Drought and poor soils can be tolerated. Make sure to water deeply while your new plant is establishing itself to encourage root growth.

Pruning: Deadhead flowers for continuous blooming throughout the season.

Companion planting: Compatible with most plants. 

Container friendly

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