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Oregano, Cuban
Oregano, Cuban

Oregano, Cuban


Cuban oregano is a perennial succulent in the mint family. This is the perfect herb for a beginner gardener or any gardener for that matter. Extremely easy to grow, very low maintenance, and has beautiful large green leaves with a potent oregano flavor. This plant will give you plenty of aromatic foliage to use in your dishes. The leaves are strong in flavor and a little will go a long way. 

This variety will produce a good-looking bush shape.

Days to Maturity: 40-50 days

Plant size: 24-36” tall and 36”- 48” wide if given space

Plant spacing: 3-6 ft. apart

Sun, soil, and water requirement: Prefers sun/partial shade and fast-draining soil, rich in organic matter. Needs good irrigation without overwatering. We have never had to water our plant. The rain has always been all it needs.

Pruning: Pinch to encourage branching and sturdier bush habits.

Harvesting: Super easy, just pick a leaf.

Culinary: Cuban oregano leaves can be used just like regular oregano. The leaves may be dried and crushed to add to meat dishes. Fresh leaves, in small amounts, are used in soups and stews, and in stuffing for poultry and other meat. Be mindful, the plant is very strongly flavored and can overpower other seasonings.

Nutrients: Cuban oregano contains high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, and the essential fatty acid, omega-6. It also contains properties that have anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help calm the intense oils of hot pepper.

Companion planting: Good companion to all vegetables.

Locally sourced seed

Container friendly

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