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Chinese Cabbage, Tokyo Bekana
Chinese Cabbage, Tokyo Bekana

Chinese Cabbage, Tokyo Bekana


Chinese cabbages are fast-growing, low maintenance annuals.

This is one of our favorite cabbages to grow because of its personality. Tokyo bekana is a loose-head cabbage that adds a beautiful pop of color with its large blonde ruffled leaves that are curly at the edges. The leaves are buttery and mild in flavor, making them perfect for salads. Similar to bok choy, it will mature with slim white stems that widen at the base and are very crunchy and juicy. Delicious as a salad leafy green!

Days to Maturity: 10-20 baby leaf; 30- 45 days full size

Plant size: 12-14" tall

Plant spacing: 12-18” apart

Sun, soil, and water requirement: Chinese cabbage prefers cooler temperatures for its main growing season, although we have been successfully growing this variety year-round. It prefers a sunny location with fertile, well-draining soil. Keep uniformly moist, especially during dry spells.

Harvesting: You can harvest young baby leaves for salad mixes or harvest the whole plant when it is fully mature.

Culinary: Tokyo bekana’s sweet mild flavor makes it perfect for stir-fries and adds a depth of flavor to soups. You can eat the leaves fresh as you would a lettuce leaf – in salads, sandwiches, and more!

Nutrients: Tokyo Bekana is an excellent source of fiber, contains multiple vitamins, calcium, iron, and is rich in antioxidants.

Companion planting: Plant near brussels sprouts, celery, chard, spinach, tomatoes, dill, chamomile, onion, mint, beetroot, potatoes, rosemary, sage, thyme, lavender, hyssop, nasturtium, tansy, beans, peas, coriander, lettuce, and beets. Keep away from strawberries, rue, tomatoes, garlic, pole beans, and mustard. Celery helps repel cabbage worms.

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