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Basil, Sweet Devotion
Basil, Sweet Devotion
Basil, Sweet Devotion
Basil, Sweet Devotion

Basil, Sweet Devotion


Basil is one of the all-time favorite perennial herbs (often grown as an annual), to grow in your herb garden and to use in cooking. It’s super easy to grow and has some amazing health benefits. It’s a perfect companion plant to a bunch of your other favorite plants and will give you seeds for a lifetime! Not to mention, it brings such a beautiful aroma to your zone. It can easily be kept in a pot and kept near your front door or used in the garden as a beneficial insect attractant. Pretty much an all-around winner.

This Genovese devotion sweet basil variety is downy mildew-resistant and will produce large leaves with a compact plant habit. This highly productive basil smells delicious and adds big, attractive, medium-green leaves to your garden space. Add a perfectly sweet and spicy addition to your culinary dishes. This is one of our favorites!

Days to Maturity: 60-70 days 

Plant size: 24”-36” tall

Plant spacing: 8-12” apart

Sun, soil, and water requirement: Basils love full sun, with moderately rich, moist soil. Water regularly, especially during the warmer season.

Pruning: Pinch off center shoots to prevent early flowering and encourage branching. Creates bushier, sturdier plants.

Harvesting: You can begin to harvest leaves as soon as your new plant becomes established. A full harvest should be completed just before the plants start to flower.

Culinary: Commonly used to garnish drinks, salads, soups, pasta, desserts, and teas. Best when used fresh and added in at the end of your cooking so you don’t overcook the leaves.

Nutrients: Basil is great for digestion, anti-inflammatory, mental health, promotes a healthy gut and so much more.

Companion planting: Plant near most garden crops, especially asparagus, beans, beets, cabbage, chili, bell peppers, eggplant, marigolds, oregano, potatoes, and tomatoes. Improves the flavor and growth of garden crops, especially tomatoes and lettuce, and can even be used to repels mosquitoes!

Container friendly

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** Pots and plants may vary from the picture depending on the size and maturity ordered. All plants have been carefully hardened off and are ready to be transplanted into their permanent garden home or pot once delivered.

** Growing details provided are general. Conditions will change depending on your location, elevation, climate, rainfall, and accessible sunlight.

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