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Bunching Onion, Parade OG
Bunching Onion, Parade OG

Bunching Onion, Parade OG


Perennial bunching onions are a definite must-have in any garden, especially if you love onions! They will continue to provide you with harvests over a long growing period with its cut and come again growth habits. The leaves will give you a mild onion flavor that can give you a sharp and delicious punch of flavor in your cooking.

This parade bunching onion variety has bright white stalks and dark green foliage. These will add a mild, yet zesty flavor to your dishes.

Days to Maturity: 60-65 days 

Plant size: 12”-14” tall

Plant spacing: Plant bunches 6-8” apart

Sun, soil, and water requirement: Find a spot in full sun or partial shade with well-draining soil that has lots of compost before planting. Bunching onions are hardy and can tolerate most soil conditions and are mildly drought-tolerant although they benefit from regular watering.

Harvesting: You can harvest bunching onions in two ways. Pull the entire plant and eat them like green onions or just cut off the leaves as needed and use more similarly to chives. The leaves will grow back, giving you a continuous supply over a long growing period. If you want to pull the entire plant, it's best to wait until the plants reach full maturity.

Culinary: You can eat bunching onions raw and add to almost any dish to add some unique and tasty onion flavors. They are also just as good when cooked.

Nutrients: Bunching onions are very low in calories and contain antioxidants, plant fiber, minerals, and vitamins that have proven health benefits.

Special considerations: Once established, plants can be divided easily to spread in other spots in your garden, or to share with friends and neighbors! To divide, just dig up the clump of onions and split the root ends into several sections, and replant.

Transplanting: Water dry soil gently before transplanting it into your garden.

Companion planting: Plant near garlic, dill, parsley, beets, cabbage family, carrots, chamomile, lettuce, parsnips, peppers, spinach, strawberries, peaches, broccoli, potato, and tomatoes. Keep away from beans, peas, and sage. Bunching onions also help deter pests.

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