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Flowering Globe Amaranth, Pink “Bozu”
Flowering Globe Amaranth, Pink “Bozu”

Flowering Globe Amaranth, Pink “Bozu”


Globe Amaranth, aka Bozu plants, are colorful, annual gardener favorites that have charming, everlasting flowers and are very easy to grow. A great plant to add in your mixture of flowers, along your garden borders, or kept in a pot near your front door. Known for their use in lei making, they make great cut flowers and will self-sow if left alone. Butterflies love these plants and so will you and your keiki!

Days to Maturity: 60-90 days 

Plant size: 12-24” tall

Plant spacing: 12-18” apart

Sun, soil, and water requirement: Loves full sun, heat tolerant, and tolerant of most soils with good drainage.

Pruning: No deadheading necessary, flowers will continue to bloom throughout the growing season.

Harvesting: Harvest cut flowers before flowers are completely open for longer lasting-blooms.

Companion planting: Loves its buddies in the zinnia and celosia family.

Locally sourced seed

Container friendly

Please Note:

**Pots and plants may vary from the picture depending on the size and maturity ordered. All plants have been carefully hardened off and are ready to be transplanted into their permanent garden home or pot once delivered.

**Growing details provided are general. Conditions will change depending on your location, elevation, climate, rainfall, and accessible sunlight.