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Flowering Sunflower, Mexican
Flowering Sunflower, Mexican

Flowering Sunflower, Mexican


Sunflowers are some of the most popular flowers to grow in a home garden. They are bright and joyful, some produce delicious edible seeds, and they will attract many beneficial insects and pollinators to your zone. These incredible plants make great cut flowers and are perfect additions to your cut flower collection for homemade bouquets. Not to mention, their roots can help detox heavy metals from your soil making them very beneficial to soil health. Sunflowers are heat and drought-tolerant, making them ideal for our warm climate. 

Mexican sunflowers are some of the most grown sunflowers in home gardens. Known for their brilliant, bright orange color blooms, these sunflowers are destined to attract butterflies. Blooms can grow to be 3” across and bloom abundantly over a long growing season. If given the space, they will branch out, sending blooms in every direction. These plants sometimes need staking if planted in windy areas.

Days to Maturity: 80 days

Plant size: 36-60" tall and 36" wide

Plant spacing: 24” apart

Sun, soil, and water requirement: Sunflowers love the sun and are the happiest with at least 6-8 hours of sun per day. They prefer light, well-draining soil with moderate fertility. They do not like sitting in waterlogged soil so be sure to pick a spot that drains rainwater thoroughly. Sunflowers can be sensitive to high winds so they may need staking. You can also plant them against a fence or wall for protection.

Pruning: Deadhead flowers for continuous blooming throughout the season.

Harvesting: Harvest when your flowers are just beginning to open.

Special considerations: Give your sunflowers some space to grow in. If high winds cause your plant to fall, they can take out nearby plants.

Transplanting: Be careful handling the root ball when transplanting it into your garden. Damaging the roots can cause your plant to become stunted or perform poorly. For best results, handle with care and water your sunflower right before transplanting.

Companion planting: Sunflowers are great for managing weeds in your zone. They release a toxin that stops nearby plants from growing. Best to give your sunflowers a special spot in the garden or grow them in containers.

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** Growing details provided are general. Conditions will change depending on your location, elevation, climate, rainfall, and accessible sunlight.