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Spinach, Green Malabar
Spinach, Green Malabar
Spinach, Green Malabar
Spinach, Green Malabar
Spinach, Green Malabar

Spinach, Green Malabar


This is a perfect heat-loving, hardy perennial spinach that is great to grow in our climate. Although it isn’t true spinach, it’s a great substitute for hotter climates where it’s harder to grow spinach varieties. Malabar spinach can grow up to 14ft. tall and will need a trellis or a fence for support. It can easily be grown for its ornamental values as much as its taste, which is like swiss chard.  

Days to Maturity: 85 days to full size but leaves can be harvested much sooner.

Plant size: 14 ft. tall and can be trellised or left to sprawl on the ground

Plant spacing: 12-18” apart

Sun, soil, and water requirement: Malabar spinach can tolerate heat, but enjoys partial shade for better-tasting leaves and slower growth. It’ll do best in moist, fertile soil, although it can also tolerate poor soil conditions and will need 1-2 inches of water each week.

Pruning: Pinching tips will encourage branching.

Harvesting: Pick young leaves and stems throughout the growing season as needed.

Culinary: The young leaves are ideal for soups, salads, and stir-fries. Be careful not to overcook it, or it can become slimy.

Nutrients: The leaves and roots are sometimes used medicinally for digestive problems, and it has a high amount of protein and antioxidants.

Companion planting: Can grow with asparagus however, because it's a vigorous climbing plant, it will quickly overtake other plants if not given the proper space to grow.

Container friendly (large container: it will sprawl over the edges)

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